Service Opportunity: Companionship Volunteers Needed

Paul Tracy and his family are looking for companionship volunteers to visit their parents, John and Louise, in their Brighton home.An agency called Ultimate Grace is coordinating this care for the family. Professional caregivers visit every day, but volunteers are on hand at other times as a safety net in case professional attention is needed. An emergency service is on call at the press of a button to assist with any difficulties.
When are volunteers needed?
  • 6PM to 10PM (the greater need is during these evening hours)
  • 6:30AM to Noon (the Tracys often sleep until 10 to 11AM)

The Tracy family is grateful for any help that is offered:

  • A single hour or a few hours
  • A single visit, occasional visits, or regular visits
  • Short term or long term
What does companionship look like?
  • Sitting with the Tracy’s
  • Visiting, listening, & sharing memories
  • Watch movies or shows together (they enjoy old classics)
  • Listening to music
  • No chores
  • No meal prep (prepared food is on hand; they may serve themselves or you may offer them something to eat or drink from the selection on hand)
  • No diaper changing
  • No medical attention (no administration of medicine)

John is in a wheelchair and uses a walker. His mind is sharp, and he enjoys conversation. Louise suffers from Alzheimer’s. She has some memory loss, is capable of some conversation, and can walk, but she requires some guidance—“let’s come back over here….” The home is well equipped with handrails and other safety measures, nanny cams, etc.

Who can visit?
  • You can volunteer alone, in pairs, or small groups
  • Children are welcome to visit when accompanied by an adult (the Tracys love kids!)
How do I learn more or volunteer?

Contact the Mosaic Office, and we'll put you in touch with Paul.