Jesus-shaped Mission

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Last week, the Mosaic Elders and Board set up four simple focus areas for building Mosaic's ministry in the next year. I suggested this goal-setting strategy to the focus area teams to use as they get under way.
Jesus taught the crowds a lot of stuff about living in general. But he also gave his disciples some commands that shaped their ministry specifically, such as:

These commands came to comprise much of the first disciples' basic mission, which we have inherited from them. If we do these things consistently, we'll go a long way toward fulfilling our calling as a church.[*]Part of the beauty of these commands is that there are a lot of ways to fulfill them. For example, Christians have discovered that "to heal" can mean being involved in many kinds of restorative work. (This is that "shrinking the gap between what is and what ought to be" thing.)With that in mind, my question for each team is this: how can your area fulfill these commands?

[*] A couple caveats: This is not a complete list of the commands Jesus gave the disciples. Also, it's not a law; it's a way.