Recycling to Support Rehema Home

This month, Mosaic Kids is raising funds for Rehema Home by collecting recyclable electronics. Bring in your pagers, personal tape decks, and other old/irrelevant tech, and drop them in the box in the ballroom.Here's the full list of stuff we can recycle...


Including all cords, batteries, cases, headphones, accessories, and anything else that goes with your device.

  • Smart phones
  • PDAs
  • Charging ports
  • Device Batteries
  • Device Cords
  • Cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • External Hard Drives
  • Satellite Radios
  • E-books
  • GPS Devices
  • USB Devices
  • Mp3 Players
  • Gaming Devices
  • 3D Glasses

Printer Cartridges

Everything that goes into or is taken out of a printer, copier, or fax machine.

  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Laser Toner Cartridges, Drums, and Fusers