Autumn Round-Up

A Church That Breathes

Most years are busy at Mosaic, but have you noticed that our busy-ness has shifted this year?We have long thought about our work together in terms of inviting and gathering in. But this year, we also began to talk and plan more ways to go and send. We even retooled two big events: Right Here, Right Now and The Weider's Hall Hoedown, giving them a purpose beyond bringing people through our doors.That shift in focus brought with it a lot of new calls to give time, energy, and money. I was somewhat concerned that this would become overwhelming. After all, Jesus had limits. He knew he wasn't supposed to address every need that came to him.On the other hand, the global Church is designed to see needs, to go and serve, to send resources and people. Which means local churches should always expect new opportunities to solve the problems that Jesus is interested in—both inside and outside, close by and far away.I realized, if God entrusts us with new opportunities to participate in kingdom work, we can assume that God thinks our capacity for kingdom work has grown. This experience is normal for a healthy church. So before worrying about getting overwhelmed, maybe I should rejoice at these signs of renewal at Mosaic.My hope has always been that Mosaic would be a church that breathes: that draws people in and sends them out evenly, organically, rhythmically. This year has brought that vision even closer to reality.

Autumn Results

Lately we've been plugging away together at a bunch of stuff, new and old: Camp, the One More Step campaign, kids' events, Operation Christmas Child, all the events of The Uprooted Festival. And together they are a compelling blend of inside and outside applications.

One More Step

Members pledged $7,904 in 2017; $9,120 in 2018Learn more »

Rehema Home Fundraiser

Electronics recycling: $22.91Learn more »

Uprooted Festival
  • Kids' Movie Night: 15 kids [photos]
  • East Ave Grocery Run: 6 runners raised money for South Wedge Food Program [Videos]
  • RAIHN Set-up: 10 volunteers [Photos]
  • Weider's Hall Hoedown Attendance: 70-75 [photos]
  • Hoedown Proceeds to Saint's Place: $535
  • National Refugee Sunday donation: $735.17

Learn more »

What About You?

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who gave, served, pledged, and attended all of these events and projects! Mosaic has always been a generous and committed bunch. This fall has certainly been no exception.I encourage you spend some time reflecting not just on what we've accomplished together, but on how your involvement at Mosaic has helped change you. Which events and projects have you participated in at Mosaic this year? Did you find your own attention shifting more inward or outward? Both? Have you discovered new opportunities to serve and give? Have you found your capacity to "go" or "stay" has grown? How has that changed the way you live—even in small ways?