Welcome to X-Stream!

We are so excited you’re joining us this fall! We’ve been getting ready for you, and we can’t wait to get started. You probably want to know what it’s like, so here’s what you and your families can look forward to...

Time to Level Up!

In some important ways, X-Stream is lot like Mosaic Kids: awesome friends, great teachers, and fun events. We’re each growing in lots of ways. And we’re learning how to grow our love for God and each other.But X-Streamers have already done some growing. We know the basics of following Jesus. And it’s time to “level up!” Here are a few ways you’ll get to that in X-Stream:


You’ll have fun!

One of the best parts of Mosaic Kids was hanging out together. That doesn’t stop in X-Stream: this fall you can look forward to monthly game nights at the Greenhouse Café, Sunday brunch at a diner, and our own Christmas party!

You’ll dig into the Bible

Like Mosaic Kids, we read Bible stories. We learn about the Bible’s heroes and what makes them great. But we also start studying the Bible for ourselves—connecting its stories to our own lives. In X-Stream, you’ll learn Bible study tools that will help you all your life.


You’ll become a mentor

X-Streamers are invited to most Mosaic Kids events. We get to have fun. But we also get to share our knowledge, skills, and maturity with younger kids who are still working on that stuff. It’s not hard, it’s super helpful, and our teachers show you how. Plus, it feels great!

You’ll love through service

We learned a lot about kindness, empathy, and compassion in Mosaic Kids. In X-Stream, we put those lessons to work through projects like managing Mosaic’s food cupboard and helping at the South Wedge Food Program.


Let's Go!

We start off the year on Sunday, September 9 with brunch at the South Wedge Diner. On September 14, we’re helping at the Kids’ Movie Night. And our first X-Stream Game Night is September 20.You and your parents can find more details on all this stuff at our website: mosaicroc.org/xstream. Plus you can talk to us any time or send us your questions and ideas.We can’t wait to welcome you and get started!

Your teachers,

Heather, Andy, and Stacy

And your fellow X-Streamers