Help Coffee Connection Support Women Recovering from Addiction

The Coffee Connection “empowers women on their journey to sustainable recovery from addiction.” This is an important time to shop there...

Coffee Connection is a 15-year-strong not-for-profit organization which provides comprehensive continuous support for women on their journey toward sustainable recovery from addiction and economic self-sufficiency through job training and job creation.For several years, Mosaic has bought our coffee from the South Avenue location, and our X-stream Game Nights are held at the Greenhouse Café. They have even catered events for us.This fall, they’re in need of “gap” funding while they wait for a payment from a major funder, which will arrive at the end of October.That means this month and next are an especially important time to shop at Coffee Connection and support their efforts to empower the women they employ on their journey to a lasting recovery.You can do this in several ways:

  • Buy coffee for your personal use at one of the coffee shops.

  • Stop by for breakfast or lunch or relaxation. They have music on Friday evenings at the Greenhouse Café location.

  • Hold meetings or gather with friends over a cup of coffee.

  • Buy their Peruvian Mercado products which directly support Peruvian artisans.

Coffee Connection’s work is needed more than ever as our region continues to experience the effects of the Opioid Epidemic that is plaguing our state and nation. The two coffee shops hire and train women who are transitioning from prison or residential programs and supports their return to productive lives, reducing recidivism and the reliance on social programs.

Coffee Connection operates two shops:

Both outlets sells fair trade, organic, fresh roasted coffee from Peru, as well as Peruvian Mercado products.