Grocery Run Training

The Everson kids are training for the race, and invited others kids to join them. On race day, they'll run together. Catch up on their plans, and consider joining in!

Hi Mosaic Parents,

On Sunday, the church announced that the East Ave Grocery Run is going to be a feature event for us this fall. Our kids want to run in the race, so Kara and I are helping them train. And we’d like to invite your kids to join us!

Dave is coaching the older kids, who will run the 5-kilometer version of the race. He’s using the “Couch to 5K” plan that both of us used when we were learning to run; our son also worked through it once before, when he was 8.

Kara is coaching the youngest, who will run the 1-mile version. She’s creating a simple plan to help her work up to a mile.Then on race day, the kids will become the coaches! They will set the pace and lead Mosaic’s runners along the race course. And afterwards, they’ll get to join in the big post-race party—donuts, cider, pizza, empanadas, fruit, hot chocolate, all under a great big tent.

We’d love to have your kids join us and give it a try. It’s OK if they don’t consider themselves “runners” (our kids don’t either…yet!) The point is to have fun, to practice working toward a goal, to challenge ourselves in a healthy way, and to do it all together.

Is your child already running at the 5K level? They’re invited, too: we’d love to have them join Kara as a coach for the younger kids.

Are YOU interested in running, too? Since we announced this on Sunday, a couple of adults have expressed interest in training together. If there’s enough interest, we’ll put a training group together for them, too.Training starts next week, so please let us know by Sunday if your child or you are interested.Thanks!Dave and Kara

What’s the training like? The Couch to 5K program is designed for people who have little or no running experience. It uses a combination of walking and jogging. Each week there’s less walking and more jogging, so your fitness level and endurance gradually increases. Kara’s 1-mile program will be similar.

Schedule: The training includes three 20- to 30-minute workouts each week. Your kids will do two workouts on their own (or with you) during the week. Then we’ll do the third one together on Saturday morning. We’re hoping to bring in some “guest coaches” to make Saturdays even more fun.

Dates: We plan to start next week, and run through the event on November 3. If there is interest, we may continue training through the fall to prepare for one of the “turkey trots” around Thanksgiving, or possibly the Reindeer Run on December 15.

Are my kids ready for this? You and your child are the best ones to answer this, along with your doctor if you feel like you need advice. Lots of kids participate in races like this. But each kid is different. The training is flexible, so we will adjust based on the experience of those who join us.