How to be the most prepared person in the history of the East Ave Grocery Run

Wondering if you'll be ready on race day? Don't worry: we've got you covered.


How to prepare now thru race day.


Crowds, food, parking, bathrooms.


Where to be and when to be there.


How to Know You're Ready

The Week Ahead

Join us in prayer. Take a few minutes each day to pray this prayer—or something like it—until the race.

Register! You know the saying, "There's no time like the present." That means DO IT NOW!

Invite! It's not too late to join the team until the race begins. Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, even friendly strangers: they're all welcome to join the team and help us raise support and awareness of the South Wedge Food Program.

Train. Keep up the good work! The last group run with the Eversons is Saturday, October 27, 8:30AM.

Volunteer! Can't do the race but want to help make the day a success? There are all kinds of ways to pitch in. Check in with the organizers and find out what's needed.

Two Days Prior (Thursday, 11/1)

Packet Pick-up: 10am to 7pm, Fleet Feet Sports Armory location. Your "packet" includes:

  • Your race bib—this must be pinned to your shirt during the race. It's your entry onto the course, and it contains a small timing chip that registers when you cross the start and finish lines.
  • Four safety pins for your bib
  • Your race shirt (if you ordered one during registration)
  • Miscellaneous literature from the race organizers and sponsors

Still need to register? Do it! Seriously, what's the hold up? Pro-tip: Today and tomorrow, you can stop into Fleet Feet to both register and pick up your packet.

Take a look at Saturday's weather. Then forget what you read. The forecast will change.

The Day Before (Friday, 11/2)

Packet Pick-up: available again today from 10am to 7pm at Fleet Feet Sports Armory location

Still need to register? "You're killing me, Smalls!" Definitely consider dropping in to Fleet Feet today to both register and pick up your packet.

Eat a sensible dinner. Or don't. The point is: eat today (especially tonight) with tomorrow morning in mind.

Plan for the morning:

  • When you time your departure in the morning, don't forget to account for a little extra traffic near the race.
  • Check the weather forecast. And this time, remember it. Pick out the layers and colors that will make you comfortable and happy tomorrow morning.
  • Set out your race clothes, watch, phone, sunglasses, whatever stuff you want with you. Don't forget your bib and safety pins!

Race Day (Saturday, 11/3)

Eat a sensible breakfast. (Here are some helpful pointers and suggestions.) And remember, there will be lots of food at the Post-Race Party!

Register! Yes, you can register the morning of the race. But it'll cost you an extra $5. And you'll have to show up early. And only doofuses register on race day. You are definitely not a doofus.

Packet Pick-up: If you couldn't get to Fleet Feet during the week, you can pick up your stuff at the race. Give yourself plenty of extra time for parking and waiting in line.

Don't forget your bib and safety pins!

Enjoy yourself! We've been training, raising funds, inviting friends, and praying for weeks. And now the moment is here, with a couple dozen friends and a few hundred neighbors, doing something that will have an actual, welcome, lasting impact on the lives of thousands more.


Race-Day Logistics

Race-Day Registration and Packet Pickup: Starting at 7am, inside the church. Enter from Meigs Street.

Bathrooms: there are bathrooms available in the church. There are also porta potties outside.

Directions and Parking: see the race website for directions and a list of parking lots that are open for participants.

Routes: The races start and finish on East Avenue near Meigs St. The courses are flat and fast (5k course map). The start and finish lines are in almost the same place.

Cheering: If you're coming to cheer on our team, you can position yourself at the starting line or somewhere along the course to cheer on our racers. And runners—stick around and cheer for our walkers and then the 1-mile racers.


Race-Day Schedule

Location: The race is hosted by Third Presbyterian Church on the corner of East Avenue and Meigs Street. You'll find most of the amenities you're looking for in the building, on the sidewalk, and especially in the parking lot across Meigs Street from the church building.

7:00 On-site registration and packet pick-up begin (if you already picked up your packet, you do not need to do this)

8:00 Team photo—East Ave in front of the church

8:05 5K racers line up

8:15 5K race starts

9:00 Team photo—East Ave in front of the church

9:05 1-Mile racers line up

9:15 1-Mile race starts