Week-Ahead Checklist for the Global 6K

Wondering if you'll be ready on race day? Don't worry: we've got you covered.

Register and Invite

There is still time to invite new participants and donors. Register by Tuesday, April 30, and World Vision guarantees your bib and t-shirt will arrive in time for the race. Share the Facebook event or the link to the South Wedge Stamina team page. Include a picture of your race bib. Tell what you’re doing and why. You don’t have to be pushy. And you may be surprised how positively people respond.

Recruit Volunteers

We would also welcome more volunteers to help out at home base or out on the course.

Know the Logistics

We gather at 9:30 Saturday morning at the ROC SALT Center (home of the South Wedge Food Program), 68 Ashland Street. All parking is on-street—Averill Ave and Hickory St are the best options. (Parking on Ashland is possible, but it’s narrow and one-way.)

Check out the route

Here’s a map of the route we’re taking. We’ll also have paper maps you can carry along the way, and guides at key turns to make sure you don’t get lost.

Pick Up Some Breakfast to Share

Breakfast pizza, steel-cut oatmeal, and coffee will be waiting for us to enjoy together after the race. Please bring along something to add to the meal.

Join Us In Prayer

Take a few minutes each day to pray—

  • Monday: for our event—the weather, logistics, safety, etc.

  • Tuesday: for our sister events all over the world

  • Wednesday: for the people whose communities will gain access to clean water through World Vision

  • Thursday: for the child on your bib, their family and community

  • Friday: for the many millions who still will not have access to clean water when the Global 6K is over

Pray for Your Child

After you register, you’ll receive a packet in the mail containing a t-shirt and a race bib. On that bib, you’ll find the name and picture of the child who will benefit from your entry fee. If you’ve received your race packet, read the info about your child and start praying daily for them.

Share Your Bib!

Snap a picture of your bib and post it to the Facebook event page, so we can share the excitement!

Consider Child Sponsorship

You have the opportunity to grow your relationship with the child on your bib through sponsorship. You can share letters, photos, prayers, and more. And your monthly support will help bring nutrition, health, schooling, jobs, and more to your child and their community.