New Class Series for X-Stream

X-Streamly Good News

A new Sunday-morning class series has started for X-Stream. Led by Stacy Turowski, X-Streamers will study the gospel of John and hear stories of faith shared by members of Mosaic. Here’s Stacy's note to parents about what to expect...

Dear Parents of current X-stream kids (and those who may be joining in September),

I wanted to tell you about the new Sunday-morning X-stream class series, called X-Streamly Good News, that started last month and will continue in the fall. God stirred up a desire in me to join in working with our X-Streamers and used Dave’s Easter/post-Easter sermons to inspire a structure for the new series. In one of those messages Dave talked about the important role of believers as facilitators for those who haven’t yet crossed the threshold to faith. He emphasized that we ourselves don't have the power to make someone else believe—but we can facilitate belief by telling our own stories of faith and describing our personal encounters with Jesus.

Our kids may already have crossed the threshold to belief, but they can grow deeper in their faith with help from those who have walked with Jesus for a while. My passion is for each of our kids not only to put their faith in Jesus, the true Vine, but to stay connected to him forever, to be branches that help provide (in Dave’s phrasing), fruit, shelter and beauty. The basic plan for the Good News series is for us to study the gospel (primarily as presented in the book of John)—and to see how it has impacted or been lived out by members of our community. During class time we will read, discuss, and journal about passages from John, and (at least some weeks) we will also hear personal stories of faith shared by members of Mosaic. We will hear about why they have stayed connected with Jesus, how they’ve experienced the good news and seen it impact their friends and family, what types of fruit, shelter, and beauty they’ve seen God produce.

I’ve already spoken to several people at Mosaic who are on board to come share with the X-Streamers; ultimately I’d love for more to sign on, too. Will you share some of your story?

We’ll generally be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, with Andy continuing his X-Stream group series on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays. I originally envisioned the Good News series as happening over a couple months, but it now seems likely to continue throughout much of next school year, well after our new X-Streamers join in September. Please be thinking about whether and when you might be willing to tell part of your story—or at least be prepared for me to ask you about the possibility!

Feel free to let me know if you have questions or suggestions.Stacy