Ordinary Time 2018

What comes next?

The first half of the Church calendar comes to a climax at Pentecost. We celebrate the completion of Jesus’ work, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and the launch of the Church. And after that?

After that, we enter into many months of “Ordinary Time.”

Officially, the “ordinary” means “counted,” because each week is numbered, e.g., “the third Sunday after Pentecost.” Unofficially, it’s ordinary because there’s no special theme. These weeks are for plain old discipleship—just going about the business of living life as Christians. It’s both ordinary and profoundly important.

June 3 to 24

Are your leaders worth following?

July 8 to 29, November 25

Don't fool yourself

August 5 and 12

Using and subverting fear

September 2 to November 25

Rediscovering God's world alongside Jesus