Soapbox Sermons

Stand-alone sermons that aren't part of a series.

Mosaic's speakers tend to package their sermons into multi-week themes. But every once in a while comes a guest speaker or a period when a series isn't right. During those times, each week's sermon is written to stand alone. We call them Soapbox Sermons, and we group their recordings here.

2016 Schedule

January 3: Standing up for the possibility of "again" (Dave Everson) [listen]
January 10: Good work (Dave Everson) [listen]
January 17: Bread and miles (Dave Everson) [listen]
January 24: Connect and engage (Dave Everson) [listen]
March 20: What did you expect? (Palm Sunday; Dave Everson) [listen]
July 3: What if the voices in your head are right? (Darren Stevenson) [listen]
July 10: Jesus... the Rebel (Keith Woodbridge) [listen]
August 7: Savoring the Movements of God: Sensible Shoes, Time Travel and Paying Attention (Mary Ann Krog) [listen]
August 14: The way, the truth, the life (David Jackson) [listen]
August 21: Contemplation (cell phone breast stroke) (Betsy Rowe-Meyers) [listen]

Image Credit

Mic: Pete; CC BY 2.0