Weekly Readings and Guides

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Every Monday morning, we post some simple devotional materials for use throughout the week:

  • either the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sunday or the Scriptures that the upcoming sermon will be based on [what’s a lectionary?]
  • a simple guide to study, prayer, and application based on the readings

We do this for two reasons:

Help for you: First, engaging Scripture regularly is the #1 predictor of spiritual health and growth[1]. These readings are a great, simple way to do that. As the week goes on, you can meditate on, pray through, study, memorize the passages–whatever fits best into your devotional routine. And we offer the study guide a starting point–if you want it–for investigating the passages, praying along with them, and finding ways to apply them to your life.

Unity for us: Second, they can unite us in prayer during the week. Reading and especially praying through the same passages on our own during the week can have a significant impact on our worship as we gather together on Sunday mornings. It is a way to unite ourselves in prayer with our own local church and with Christians worldwide who are reading and praying through the same passages.

This does not require being a Bible scholar or a super-spiritual pray-er. You’ll do just fine if all you do with these readings is something as simple as using the Psalm as your morning prayer each day.

[1] This statement is based on research into the effectiveness of personal spiritual disciplines, published by Lifeway Research and the Willow Creek Association.

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