What's Next for Mosaic:

How Do We Know When We're Growing?

At our last building, we had a couple of apple trees that gave us a bumper crop of fruit. They were one of the things we knew we would miss if we moved. Early in the search for a new home, Dave compared Mosaic to those trees: “When a tree grows, it produces more fruit, more shelter, and more beauty,” he said. “A church is the same: growth means increased capacity to feed, protect, and inspire people as we honor and delight God.

Two years ago, we came to Weider’s Hall with a compelling vision:

Our Mission: Not just passionate, but obedient
to be [C/c]hurch, shaping Mosaic’s specific local ministry around Jesus’ global instructions to his apostles

Our Building: Not just a facility, but a venue
for arts, wellness, and community development—most notably by hosting PUSH Physical Theatre

Young Mosaic: Not just Sunday school, but a community
that encourages and equips kids to care for their spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being as they grow

Our Outreach: Not just a presence, but a neighbor
weaving Jesus-like love into the fabric of our neighborhood, city, and region

Our Worship: Not just an event, but an encounter
between our knowable God and human beings—an encounter that delights God and changes us

We came dreaming that we would:

  • welcome new individuals and families
  • become again a warm church home for college students
  • facilitate new and renewed faith in Christ among people we did not know
  • be a “church on the boundary,” bridging the urban-suburban divide
  • even more fully embody our name, becoming a more diverse and more deeply unified family

We have succeeded on many of these fronts:

  • Attendance has grown for the first time in years, including kids, college students, and adults.
  • New attenders have come from the city and from the suburbs.
  • New people tell us that Mosaic folks have met and meaningfully blessed them with needed friendship, material, spiritual, and emotional support.
  • The kids’ program has relaunched with a fantastic director and team, a beautiful, well-equipped Kids’ Center, and kids who are excited about what they are learning.
  • We’ve expanded and deepened our Sunday-morning and holiday worship gatherings.
  • A new Life Group has begun.
  • We’ve partnered with nearby churches on simple, meaningful projects, like Election Day Communion, Matthew Smith Concert, Memorial Day Picnic.
  • Each week, dozens of people come through our doors for classes, studio time, and events.
  • We’ve hosted several well-attended events, like The Snowball, Hoedown and Showdown, and Right Here Right Now.
  • We have made numerous community connections, including nearby churches and other ministries and fitness, arts, municipal, and community service organizations, creating opportunities for meaningful service and relationships.[*]

This is not to say that all has gone smoothly or that we have achieved all we set out to do when we moved in 2015. Obviously, that’s far from true.

Still, we are convinced that what we have “fed, protected, and inspired people” in ways that we could not have done before moving and investing so much time, money, and energy into our ministry. We have honored, maybe even delighted, God.

Mosaic is growing. And with so much still undone or waiting to begin, we are both sobered and excited by our prospects and the work that lies ahead.

[*] PUSH Physical Theatre; Blackfriars; Rochester Dance Theatre; MoDancing; Nia Fitness; Oula Fitness; The Crooked North (Band); Branches of Growth (Yoga, Katherine Sargent); Stilla Dance (Amy Sullivan); Vertical Desire (Dance, Katherine Marino); Steven Link (Dance); Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network; South Wedge Food Program; City of Rochester SW Neighborhood Service Center; AmeriCorps; Free to Fly; Coffee Connection; Saint's Place; Hands and Feet Project (Haiti); Artisan Church; South Wedge Mission (church); The Pillar (church); Monroe Park Vineyard (church); City Church; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; Campus Ambassadors; Groove Juice Swing; several other one-time classes and events.