One More Step

After moving and two years of investment spending, Mosaic is growing. Now it's time to balance our budget to sustain that growth. We're exploring ways to lower spending and boost our income. Part of that is to ask our members to take One More Step in their giving.

What You're Giving To

Mosaic is growing—in worship, size, and impact. We’re rejoicing and we’re so grateful. But our budget is out of balance. To protect and build on that growth, we need to control our costs and increase income. And we’re asking our members to think about their giving.

Part of the beauty of our church family is the way it gives. Mosaic’s people have a long, long track-record of generosity. We give freely, without strings attached. We are not stingy. And we work hard not to manipulate each other.

So, we’re not asking for your guilt. And we’re not asking you to help perpetuate an organization or someone’s pet project.

What we are asking is this: will you help sustain this new capacity God’s given us to produce the fruit, shelter, and beauty of a living church?

Whatever you decide, thank you for your all you’ve already given of your money, time, and self.

Taking One More Step

Mosaic members, as you reflect on your giving (prayerfully, generously, and wisely), here’s the question we’re asking you to consider: can I take one more step?

If you: Don’t give
Can you: Give $1 or $5 or $10 a week?

If you: Give once in a while
Can you: Give weekly or monthly?

If you: Give consistently
Can you: Increase your gift by 10% or 3% or 72% or whatever?

If you: Often forget your offering
Can you: Use online banking to send gifts automatically?

If you: Give what’s left after your other spending
Can you: Make giving a high or top priority in your budget?

Mosaic members, after you’ve taken time to consider this request (prayerfully, generously, and wisely), please take a minute to answer this short, anonymous survey. Letting us know your giving plans will help the Board forecast our financial outlook as it prepares next year’s budget.

Christians differ on how much we ought to give and to whom. Here are some of the principles and values that shape the way we approach money in general and donations specifically at Mosaic.