Check Out a Worship Service at Mosaic

The worship experience at Mosaic is an attempt to create encounters between our knowable God and human beings. Because encounters like that can delight God and change us.

Sunday Worship Services

10:30AM Sundays at Weider's Hall Ballroom

Sunday Worship at Mosaic

Sunday worship at Mosaic is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Music, preaching, and prayer are loosely shaped around the themes of the church seasons. We celebrate Communion every week. Personal prayer is available after each service.

We wear every-day clothes—whatever that means for each person. And we ask visitors not to feel pressure to give or do anything. Mosaic's members are committed to offering our services as a gift to any who wish to come. All are welcome.

Service Outline

At 10:15 the Ballroom opens, and music is playing. People begin to arrive, greet each other, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and find a seat.

At 10:30 the music starts, and we sing together. We give thanks and pray for local and global needs. Kids are released to their classes. Then we read a couple of passages from the Bible. The pastor or another speaker offers a message, which is followed by communion. We close with prayer and music, typically around 11:45.

After the service, a prayer team is available to pray with any who would like personal prayer. Coffee, tea, and baked goods are set out, and the church remains open into the afternoon for time together.

Other services

Throughout the year, we schedule midweek services for liturgical seasons, such as Lent, as well as our own initiatives and needs. Check out our Calendar for upcoming services.


Please note: the Ballroom, Kids' Center, and our offices are only accessible by stairs. We sincerely apologize to all our neighbors for whom this is a barrier.

Much work has been done over the last 20 years to make Weider's Hall both safe and accessible. However, adding an elevator or a chair glide has remained out of reach due to cost and fire code limitations. We continue to seek safe and reasonable solutions.